FAA Approved: Part 107 and 333 Exempt

XCam Aerials is one of the few aerial companies that have and operate by the Motion Picture aerial manual. We also maintain both the FAA 333 exemption and the newly established Part 107 certifications. This allows all of our pilots to enjoy the same privileges as full size commercial aircraft operators. Most of our on-staff Remote aircraft pilots are also commercially rated in full size aircraft. They often fly our full size aircraft on jobs as well as our remotely operated aircraft. XCam works hand in hand with the FAA and has previously been called to assist with new rules that are currently being proposed for the remotely operated aircraft industry.

If it sounds a bit confusing, it's because it is. That's why you need a company like XCam to help pave the way for your safe, smooth and legal aerial production.



FAA 333 Exemption PDF