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FAA Approved: Part 107 / 333 Exempt / Night Waiver

XCam Aerials is one of the few aerial companies that have and operate by the Motion Picture aerial manual. We also maintain both the FAA 333 exemption and the newly established Part 107 certifications. This allows all of our pilots to enjoy the same privileges as full-size commercial aircraft operators.

Most of our pilots are commercially rated in full-size aircraft and will often fly both full-size as well as remotely operated aircraft on jobs.

XCam works hand in hand with the FAA and has previously been called upon to assist with new rules that are currently being proposed for the remotely operated aircraft industry. If it sounds a bit confusing, it’s because it is. That’s why you need a company like XCam to help pave the way for your safe, smooth, and legal aerial production.

Additionally, Xcam has a special waiver issued by the FAA that allows us to fly at night – the 14 CFR § 107.29 Daylight operation waiver.

FAA 333 Exemption PDF


The Xcam Aerials’ team is rich in history and client satisfaction. Our aerial D/P-gimbal operators are second to none, and our technicians and pilots are world class!

Xcam’s crew has dozens of ultra-high-end jobs under their belt and the type of can-do attitudes that Directors and Producers love to see on their sets.

Jordan “Jordy” Klein is Xcam Aerials’ President, D/P, Gimbal Operator and Director of Flight Operations. Jordy has over 5,000 hours as a full-scale commercial, fixed wing and helicopter pilot. Jordy is a second-generation Academy award nominated filmmaker, and his career spans over 20 years in the entertainment industry.

Matt Staker is a world class land and water DP as well as one of the industry’s top drone gimbal operators. Matt is also a veteran X-Games wakeboard competitor and a full-scale pilot who understands how to intricately shoot action sports aerial cinematography.

Mark Lynch is an Emmy award winning Director of Photography who has also been involved in filmmaking for well over 2 decades. Mark is also a full-scale pilot who fully understands the challenges of working on-set with radio-controlled aircraft.

Xcam Aerials’ Chief Technical Officer and Pilot, Bobby Watts, is an icon in the radio-controlled helicopter and multirotor industry. Bobby started flying with Xcam in 2006 and has never looked back. Watts understands how to interpret storyboards and can fly an RC aircraft like a 3-dimensional dolly in the sky. Bobby also runs the R&D division of Xcam. He is fluent in the design program SolidWorks and can design and build any part of a helicopter, multirotor or gimbal on our in-house CNC machine.

Luke Yonge is one of the youngest members of the Xcam family, but don’t let Luke’s age fool you. His abilities far outweigh his age. Luke feels just as comfortable flying an Inspire drone for a corporate venue as he does flying a full-size Alexa for a top Hollywood studio.

Mark Force is actually the youngest member of the Xcam family. Mark is a jack of all trades and can fly, Gimbal operate, or tech in almost any situation.

Xcam Aerials’ Aircraft Design Engineer and Pilot, Beresford “Beast” Davis, is at the top of the game when it comes to designing multirotor aircraft that withstands the rigors of day-in and day-out flying for the entertainment industry. Unlike many multirotor designers, Beast runs all of our aircraft, motors, components, and batteries through a stress analysis program prior to building them.  All of our airframe materials are cut on-site with a computer controlled, carbon fiber cutting machine.


“Oh, that… Yea, we can get that for sure!.. Piece of cake.”

That is the most common answer that we give to Directors and Producers here at Xcam Aerials! But make no mistake; we pride ourselves on a 100% safety record. We have logged over 1200 flights on movie sets, commercials, documentaries, and corporate videos.

Many other companies say they have the latest equipment for shooting radio controlled and full-size aerials, but we literally have taken the technology bar and moved it to the stratosphere. Our gimbals are custom built, and we always carry spares. Our crews are extremely well seasoned and familiar with the “set etiquette” that is so often missing on today’s aerial shoots.

Give us a call or shoot us an email. We look forward to working with you!



Xcam has the latest drone and gimbal technology.

Our MFD-5000 heavy lift drone with DJI Ronin 2 gimbal is the pride of our fleet. This done is capable of flying at 150lbs total weight and can accommodate almost any camera and lens combination. Additionally, we own the Freefly Alta 8 drone with Movi Pro gimbal.

2 x Custom X8 drones with Sony A7, GH5, Black Magic Pocket 6k and Movi M5 gimbal.

2-DJI Inspire 2 drones with X7 gimbals and a complete set of prime lenses.

2 x DJI Mavic 2 Pro drones.

Swellpro3+ waterproof drone with 4k camera.

If that’s not enough, we also have the Fifish underwater drone that is capable of flying around completely underwater up to 300’ deep!

All of our drones come equipped with HD video downlink and complete wireless camera and lens control systems.

Xcam also has its own cameras in-house, ready to fly on our drones: Red Epic Dragon and Scarlet, Arri Alexa Mini, Black Magic Pocket 6k and 4k, Sony A7MKIII, Panasonic GH4/5, Canon C300 and Nokia OZO VR camera.

Whatever the application, Xcam has you covered!


Conveniently located in central Florida, we’re just a short drive from most major cities in the state. Xcam is also considered local in the state of Georgia.

Additionally, we have our own twin engine, 6 passenger Beechcraft Baron that we fly. We can be in any of the Caribbean Islands or southern United States with our gear in a matter of hours.

For more information or booking, please contact us at: